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Green Tea

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The magic of nature brought to your cup with our exclusive Green Tea. We primarily manufacture herbal Green Tea of superior quality. At Hindustan Fruit Processing Works, we essentially have two grades of Green Tea products, primary grades and secondary grades. Primary grade is further subdivided into 6 categories and secondary grade is divided into 2 categories. Our herbal tea is classified into two grades :

Grades :
  • Primary Grades :
    • Mogra-1 : Contains the greatest amount of leaf buds (tips). Mogra-I is in high demand because of its tips and fabulous quality.
    • Mogra II : It is almost like Mogra-I but looks very different as Mogra-I is finer. It tastes almost same in terms of liquor.
    • Premium fine : It is considered best in the entire fine category. With its finer leaves, it looks appealing.
    • Super fine : It comes second in fine category. With longer leaves, it looks different than Premium fine.
    • Fine : This variety is cheaper than rest of the fine categories. It is the last type of fine category.
    • Lachha : Its leaves are finer than rest of the varieties.
  • Secondary Grades :
    • Yellow leaf : It consists of content of some undesirable leaves.
    • Somi-I : Contains tea dust that exist in the tea. It is separated from tea through different methods to make it dust free.
    • Haysen-II
    • GT-II

Applications :
  • Consists of antioxidants that protect against cancers like esophageal, stomach and prostate
  • Herbalists use it to cure diarrhea, vomiting, stomach problems, blood pressure and tooth decay
  • Prevents bacterial infections


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Green Tea Packet
Green Tea Packet

Premium Green Tea Box
Premium Green Tea Box

Type : green tea

Brand Name : BIKRAM

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